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Mortgage Marketers Faq's

Frequently Asked Questions for LEADFAST

How can we guarantee exclusive mortgage leads for your mortgage company?
All of our mortgage leads ARE exclusive because they come directly from the network of websites that we have already built, a website. Potential borrowers are going directly to the site and expecting a phone call from you! This process makes the prospect SUPER targeted and mortgage leads are the best quality because borrowers are looking for you and know that they are only get one call from one mortgage company, yours! no more haggling from prospects who's information went out to 10 mortgage companies. One website, One call, no competition.

How much does each lead cost?
Our systems deliver every mortgage lead we receive through the site directly to you for the low price of $5k for 3 years!! or you can buy the mortgage generating website outright for $10K. Think about it, pay 5K and lease the site for 3 years or just buy it for 10K

How do I retrieve my leads?
When a prospect searches the Internet for your state home loans, they will come across one of the websites, from there, they can either call you directly because your phone number and contact information will be on the site or they can fill out an application that get submitted directly to your e-mail; it's as simple as that!

When will I get to see the leads?
Your leads are processed and delivered to you in real time. We find that people whom visit the sites just like to call and speak to you directly.

Where are my leads coming from?
When potential clients are searching the Internet for a mortgage company to use, web site will appear in the search engine they're using (due to our SEO strategies) and they will see the professional website which has your contact information on it. I.e., borrowers searching for Virginia home loans would go to the web site.

What type of information will I see from each lead?
Click here for example:

Frequently Asked Questions for BLACKROCK SEO

I have more than one URL for my Web site. Can you submit them all?
Yes. If you have multiple URLs that people use to access your site, we do submit all the optimized pages.

Will my URL be the first hit on a search engine?
It is hard to guarantee that your Web site will be the first listing on a particular search. However, the longer we market the site, your chances of number one ranking is dramatically increased. (Please remember that we offer several guarantees).

I heard that if I use your service my site can be listed on the Search Engines very quickly. Is this true?
Yes. Using our service will allow your site to be indexed much faster than other submissions, since we link multiple sites to your website. Since our sites are all linked together, your site can be listed on multiple search engines as quickly as 48 hours.

How many search engines do you send my site to?
We are very careful when we submit to Search Engines, multiple submission of the same page can be considered SPAMDEXING, and so we only submit to the major ones first. After your site is indexed we submit to the entire remaining list of search engines.

How will I know what keyword phrases people are using to find my site?
We do Keyword research for your online arena. You will receive a weekly or monthly detailed report on which keywords were used in the major search engines in order to find your site.

Do you offer a guarantee? 
Yes! We offer a performance guarantee. There is no risk and there is an incredible upside in new sales revenue. Our clients are very happy with our performance. Many clients have us position additional sites and they frequently refer us to their friends and business associates.

Who are your clients? How well are they currently ranking? 
Our clients are influential and are mostly real estate and mortgage related companies. They have top positions with all the major search engines under their main keywords. Many of our new clients open up with #1 and top 5 positions in major search engines and directories within 1 - 2 weeks after our expert work is completed and they start making money immediately.

Can you provide references? 
Yes, we provide professional references and access to online web server stats upon request.

How many search engines are my pages submitted to? 
We will hand submit your Web site to more than 100 major and popular global search engines and directories. Over time we will eventually make sure you have been indexed in all of them.

What are your rates? 
Our services are reasonable and scalable. Please contact us to review your site and answer questions. Many of our clients experience a 300% - 500% or more sales increase the first month after our work is complete. Most clients make their money back in profits within the first month. 

What happens if we want to add new Web sites? 
If you want to establish additional Web sites or create mirror Web sites, we can meet the demand. Additional Web sites positioning services are at a competitive rate.

Contact us today 855-529-5222 to get started with our Black Rock SEO or LEADFAST Services!

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