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Real Estate Professionals

Realtors, have you spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a web site to promote your services, but no one can find it while searching the Internet? Or perhaps you have no web prescence at all and you're entirely missing out on thousands of potential buyers who are searching the net looking for you! Join the Preferred Realtor Network and have your link and/or contact information on our network of 52 Real Estate and Mortgage related websites!

Did you know that nearly three out of four homebuyers now use the Internet as a tool when searching for a home? And, most of those buyers work through a real estate broker when finalizing their home selection and purchase. This is revealed in the recently released "2003 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers" report issued by the National Association of Realtors.

So where are you on the Internet?

Preferred Realtor

Our Preferred Realtor service is the perfect low cost solution for the real estate agent with a limited budget. With our Preferred Realtor service, realtors links are placed on our nationwide network of 51 websites as well our affiliate site (International Real Estate Digest). All 52 of these sites on our network rank high in the major search engines(Yahoo, Google, Alta Vista etc.) for hundreds of different keywords. All of our sites are linked together on one relevant network.

Why would you be interested in this service?

In addition to the benefits of promoting your website link and/or contact information on 52 high ranking websites, this is the ideal service for real estate consultants to help promote their own web site. With more and more search engines turning to LINK POPULARITY for determining your web page ranking results, it pays to have your link on our highly relevant mortgage and real estate related web sites!

For the fee of $300 per year (only $5.76 per link!) your web site link and contact information can be on our nationwide network. Just think of the exposure.

Why should you sign-up for Preferred Realtor?

The answer is simple. Mass internet exposure. There is no other place on the internet where you can have your link listed on 52 different websites that are all relevant. This means that your link will go on our entire network of mortgage websites, thus increasing the value of your real estate website. We urge our clients to research "link popularity" on the internet and see why this service is so valuable. It will effectively increase the ranking of your own website giving you a higher position on the search engines. We guarantee It! If you call us today and sign up, we will give you a FREE current ranking report of where you are on the internet and some quick ideas to increase your website position in the search engines.

For more in depth Search Engines Optimization Please read about our Black Rock SEO service to determine if it would be beneficial to your marketing goals. This service can fully complement your core Internet marketing goals to make your site achieve higher ranking in the search engines. In most case we are able to get you top 5 ranking in the majority of the search engines within two weeks.

We also recommend the following companies to help with you real estate business. for pulling credit files has searchable real estate inteface that can blend in easily with your web site is a business development and training organization dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to be tremendously successful has updated location services including real aerial photos of the area you are looking at.

If you have real estate tools that you find very useful please let us know what they are and we will research the product/service to put on our sites.



Contact us today 855-529-5222 to get started with our Black Rock SEO or LEADFAST Services!

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